Our Innovations

WinComm Solutions is able to offer specialised custom weather stations tailored to client requirements and budgets. Professional installation, maintenance and record keeping of long term automatic meteorological monitoring stations ensures that the most reliable records are collected and stored.Our systems and services can be used for compliance or operational monitoring and can be delivered in real-time via a number of methods such as integration into existing IFD's systems, email, sms or our online data servers.


Real-Time energy management platform that not only monitors energy use, it includes a wide range of application specific solutions across both the monitoring and control environments.


Renewable Energy Monitoring (REM) provides our customers with a comprehensive global overview of renewable energy developments, spanning multiple generating sectors.


Intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is developed by our company adopts the most advance technology at home and abroad which all the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter the entire electromagnetic transducer kernel and high speed central processing unit.

Our global platform is our strength.

Global leader in easy-to-use and cost-effective energy management solutions for businesses, institutions and government agencies.

We Are Providing!

We integrate IFD systems and technologies, with the most advanced technologies available to deliver more reliable and efficient informations.Our systems can also be integrated into a monitoring network with water monitoring stations and air quality monitoring stations if required.